There are many factions that control power. Though land & wealth is scarce, power seems to flow strong in the Peninsula. These factions are the conduit of that power.

Carnakian Orders of Knighthood

Created by Lord Ion Carnak the First, these varied groups were organised by skill & purpose to serve to maintain the safety & neutrality of the Kingdom of Carnath. They were originally four orders:

1) The Order of the Red Fist – Originally the Orkish warrior cast who fought for Lord Ion. Tasked to defend Carnath from any enemy.
2) The Order of the Yellow Mind – The members of the school of Dwarven Mmges that assisted Lord Ion in creating Carnath & it’s defenses. Tasked with creating & maintaining the great Castle & Unbreakable Walls of the kingdom.
3) The Order of the Blue Sight – A group of Elven priests who escaped the Feywild barrier that trapped their brethren because of there service to Lord Ion. Tasked with scrying the land for dangers who would attempt to end the peace that is Carnak.
4) The Order of the Green Heart – The network of merchants & Halfling spies that Lord Ion used to maintain his armies & supplies throughout the war. Tasked with keeping the economy of Carnak healthy & prosperous.

Since that time, all of the original orders were disbanded & new orders have arisen. As they appear in the story chronologically:
  • The Order of the Emerald Rose – Champions of the Grand Tourney, hand-chosen by the Queen of Carnak. Tasked with protecting the Queen & her interests throughout the 5 nations.
  • The Order of the Golden Sky – Oracles, scryers, augers & prophets. They are the eyes and ears of Carnak & work tirelessly to maintain order within the neutral kingdom.

There are many other major organizations that control power, these are those that are introduced in the story thus far;

  • The “Marketplace” – A thieves guild who’s members infiltrate other guilds throughout the 5 kingdoms. Though the base of opperations is in the mercantile city of Zephir, they hold sway in every major thieves guild on the eastern side of Carnak & possibly more.



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