Alluvial Nexus

Thinking with Portals

Go on, have a bite.

The Emerald Rose confronts two elves, one of hunch & one of pomp. Their Queen bound, their opponents rambling, The Five charge. With that a battle ensues in which many things transpire, though much is now of legend, this is known: A dwarf falls, the knight distracted, magic & bow fail & a half-bread flies.

When the dust settles, our heroes find themselves trapped in a cavern of unknown origin. To their despair, the Queen is trapped by alchemy & magic in a sleep eternal. The Emerald Rose shoulders their charge &, beyond all odds, find a way to the surface. Though they are far from home, the cunning of The Five leads them to believe they are in the lands of Orcish persuasion.

After roaming the Orcish waists, the heroes befriend a savage tribe. The tribe is dazzled by such magnificence in their presence & immediately beg to be of service to the Order of the Emerald Rose. The heroes allow the curs to help them to the River of Tears, but not before purchasing medicine & food for the Orcs from the equally magnanimous missionaries of the Seelie court.

Who but the Emerald Rose could be so kind?



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